Asset Management

Together we can devise your tailor-made asset management strategy

Our consulting service begins with listening to you. We are more than happy to take time advising our clients and identifying their requirements and expectations. Each investor is treated individually and when devising an investment strategy, we carefully take the client’s specific ideas and wishes into consideration. From the diversity of available financial products, it is virtually impossible for a private investor to identify the right and really interesting ones for his or her requirements.

Together with you, as our client, we can devise your personal tailor-made strategies, which we then implement for you. All clients receive regular, comprehensive reports and analysis. All investments are permanently monitored and, if necessary, reallocated.

We cooperate with a number of different custodian banks with whom we have negotiated special conditions for our clients, to which they would normally not be entitled. In this way investors enjoy considerable cost advantages when their accounts with these institutions are supervised by us.