Together on the road to success

You are an independent advisor who successfully supports his clients. However, the new regulations make consulting and support increasingly more complex. These transnational changes of the legal framework restrict you from offering your clients a number of opportunities and products or make a major increase of your cost structure necessary.

A collaboration with us gives you the advantage of advising your clients more comprehensively and offering them the whole range of investment products. In this way you become integrated into a larger structure with the appropriate protection and enjoy professional support.

We can also develop and set up your own tailor made product which you can offer to your clients. You contribute to develop the structure of the product as well as you continuously manage the investment strategy as a member of the investment committee. We shall be pleased to support and assist you during the whole process, from the first idea over to the development of the product, devising the investment strategy and finally obtaining regulatory authorisation of the fund.

Together we are ready to turn ideas into action!