REA Immobilien Fonds - Class I

The fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio that invests in tangible assets. The main focus lies on real estate projects for affordable living. The selected real estate projects are predominantly located in growing regions which profit from a steadily increasing influx to these areas. At the same time buying and renting prices are on a level which is affordable for people with average income. Through revitalisation and infrastructure improvements these projects still offer future potential for reasonable value increases, without being in danger of reaching price levels, which make the housing space unaffordable. This kind of sustainability is the main goal of the investment strategy. Even though the liquidity of the investments is limited, constant and frequent rental income and partial sales assure sufficient liquidity in the fund. Being independent from equity and bond markets positive results can be achieved, whereby the susceptibility of a securities account being influenced by eventual stock market turbulences is substantially reduced and the volatility of the investment is kept on a very low level. For further information please refer to


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Fund Facts

Class I (EUR) Valor:24775437
Class I (EUR) ISIN:LI0247754372
Type of fund:AIF for private investors
Fund administration:CAIAC Fund Management AG, Bendern
Asset manager:Zehenter & Partner Invest AG, Schaan
Custodian bank:Neue Bank AG, Vaduz
Auditors:ReviTrust Grant Thornton AG, Schaan
Valuation frequency:monthly
Redemption:3 months prior to valuation day 12:00 midday
Distribution policy:accumulating
Subscription fee:up to 5 %
Administration fee:0,25 % p.a.
Management fee:1,0 % p.a.
Custodian fee:0,2 % p.a.
Performance fee:none
NAV per 31.01.2021118.07

Legal notice

This fact sheet has been prepared with the greatest care and is intended solely for informational purposes and under no circumstances represents an offer or a solicitation to buy the product listed. We expressly point out that the value of the fund units can increase or decrease at any time. We assume no liability for any damages or losses arising from the trust in the information published here. The fund is not authorised for sale in all countries and attention should be paid to any possible national restrictions. The historical performance is no guarantee for future results. The performance data takes no account of the commissions and fees charged for the issuance and redemption of units. Detailed information can be found in the prospectus including all investment regulations as well as in further company reports.