Strategic Income Fund – Class R USD

The Strategic Income Fund employs a flexible, income-oriented investment strategy which has been implemented in the USA for more than 20 years with certified results. On account of its first-class historic results with low volatility this fund is an interesting addition to a bond Portfolio.

Under positive market conditions the strategy invests 100 percent through ETFs in a variety of widespread sectors of income-oriented securities. Under negative market conditions the strategy invests 100 percent in the money market and short-intermediate term income securities, whereby large financial setbacks can be avoided and volatility will be reduced. The parameters for a positive or negative investment scenario are calculated from an extensive matrix of macroeconomic and technical data. By avoiding long-term correction phases it has been possible in the past to achieve continuous positive results. For further information please refer to


Performance in Percentage

2015 -0.91 -1.93 -0.40-3.21
2016-0.14 -0.16 3.16 0.78 -0.24 1.22 1.08 -0.17 -0.20 -1.56 -1.65 -0.641.40

Chart Development

Asset Allocation

Fund Facts

Class R (USD) Valor:29696554
Class R (USD) ISIN:LI0296965549
Fondstyp:UCITS 5
Fund administration:CAIAC Fund Management AG, Bendern
Asset manager:Zehenter & Partner Invest AG, Schaan
Custodian bank:Neue Bank AG, Vaduz
Auditors:Deloitte (Liechtenstein) AG, Triesen
Valuation frequency:weekly & end of month
Valuation date:Friday & end of month
Redemption:1 day prior to valuation date until 12.00 midnight (CET)
Distribution policy:accumulating
Subscription fee:bis 5 %
Administration fee:0,2 % p.a.
Management fee:1,9 % p.a.
Custodian fee:0,2 % p.a.
Performance fee:15 % High Watermark
NAV as at 30.09.202082.44

Legal notice

This fact sheet has been prepared with the greatest care and is intended solely for informational purposes and under no circumstances represents an offer or a solicitation to buy the product listed. We expressly point out that the value of the fund units can increase or decrease at any time. We assume no liability for any damages or losses arising from the trust in the information published here. The fund is not authorised for sale in all countries and attention should be paid to any possible national restrictions. The historical performance is no guarantee for future results. The performance data takes no account of the commissions and fees charged for the issuance and redemption of units. Detailed information can be found in the prospectus including all investment regulations as well as in further company reports.