Exclusive investment solutions

We work with you together to find the optimal solution for you. Whether a white label fund, direct investments or a holding structure etc. fits best to your needs - all options are open to you as a professional investor.

Do you want to participate in a company with a group of investors?

One possibility could be to implement the strategy with a fund.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • This provides you with a transparent and audited valuation of your investment at all times.
  • Transferring the shares of the fund is from an administrative point of view rather quickly done and easy to implement.
  • The number of investors can be limited.

Do you have a financial product distribution organization?

You want to implement an individual investment strategy with your label and make it accessible to a wider audience? A fund offers an ideal solution.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Acquiring fund units is usually very easy for the investors.
  • Depending on the arrangements, the minimum investment can be as low as 100 EUR/CHF.

The investor can subscribe to and hold the fund at his own bank.

Take advantage of our experience and our network. Together with our partners in the areas of fund administration, financial market law and custodian bank services, we will work out the right solution for your needs.

Call us for more information and a first “get to know each other”. We are happy to be there for you.